Engineers: Responsible for Resilience and Growth of Future Cities

Published on: 17 Nov 2015

Engineers: Responsible for Resilience and Growth of Future Cities

Resilience and growth of future cities are global issues that engineers around the world share responsibility for.

Physical structures and the political, economic and societal mechanisms that support resilience must be up to task. Otherwise cities and their societies risk exponential poverty, social inequality and economic decline, and vulnerability to terrorism and conflict. Research suggests that the earlier cities begin to future proof, the better the end results will be.

On 9-10 December in Westminster, three global engineering institutions – the Institution of Civil Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering – are coming together, leveraging the combined expertise of 300,000 members to deliver a summit on resilience. The summit will connect decision makers and the investment community from around the world with engineers, technology experts and built environment professionals to address the challenges of civic resilience and major issues facing cities.

This is the first time in a decade that the two-day summit returns to the ICE in Westminster. Built by engineers, the programme features more than 40 speakers from across the globe at the forefront of making the world’s cities more resilient.

Further details, the full programme and information on how to get involved are available at