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How to find the right civil engineering job for you

Written by: Jack Spence
Published on: 11 Apr 2019


It’s important when you start looking for your next civil engineering job that you have a clear idea of what you want your next role to look like.

First of all, what civil engineering job would you like to do? Should you take the step up by applying for principal engineer roles, or are you better off developing further in a role you are more comfortable in. Finding the right balance can be tricky.

If you are looking to develop your career as a civil engineer toward chartered status, perhaps think about civil engineering jobs that will support you in this. Alternatively, seek out roles which will help you further develop and specialise your skillset. Would you be better off finding a role which may offer more rewards in the long term, rather than a higher paying role with less opportunity for professional development?

The other key question to ask yourself is what type of civil engineering company do I see myself working at? Think about the ideal size of civil engineering firm that you would be happiest at. Do you prefer to see a project through from start to finish as a key part of a small team or would you rather be a part of a larger team that is working on more ambitious projects?

What work environment do you thrive best in? Are you looking for flexitime, the opportunity to work remotely? Or are you looking for a fast-paced work environment that is working at the cutting edge of the civil engineering industry.

When you do your research to find the company that best suits you, have a look at the company’s LinkedIn page and website, what’s the story the company are telling about themselves? Do they focus on their employee’s wellbeing or technical excellence etc? Have a look what other people are saying about the civil engineering company on Glassdoor, in the news and so on. Does this match up with the story that they tell about themselves and their values?

And finally, the most important asset you can make use of is a recruiter, so get in touch with one! They have often placed hundreds of people in civil engineering roles, so will be able to let you know what the job market out there looks like, the best ways to take advantage of your skills, what salary to expect and give you interview advice. They may even have placed people at that company before and can let you know what it’s like to work there.