ICE scheme to promote local engineering reaches major milestone

Published on: 29 Sep 2014

An ICE campaign aimed to show communities how they benefit from local civil engineering projects, and help to inspire the engineers of tomorrow, has reached a major milestone with 100 projects from across the UK now part of the initiative.

The This Is Civil Engineering campaign was launched by the Institution to show the public in a simple way what civil engineering is and its importance in maintaining our quality of life. It sees huge ‘This Is Civil Engineering’ banners displayed during the construction of a wide range of infrastructure projects– from flood defence and coastal projection schemes through to sewer upgrades and the opening of new bridges, roads, railways and tram lines. The banners also include a link to dedicated webpage where the public, including young people, can learn more about civil engineering.

Notable projects such as the repair works at Dawlish and the Forth Replacement Crossing have featured in the campaign so far. However, the Northern Inner Distribution Road – which will connect East and West Taunton in the South West – marks the 100th scheme to sign up.

ICE President Geoff French commented: “Each time you turn on a tap, turn on a light, flush a toilet, catch a train, cross a road you are benefiting from civil engineering.

“The ‘This is Civil Engineering’ campaign promotes the contribution of civil engineering to local communities simply, but effectively. We are proud to now be displaying the banners at 100 prominent sites across the country and look forward to seeing many more projects and schemes sign up in the coming months. We also hope the campaign will pique the interest of young people who are seeking a career that can really make a difference to people’s lives.”