Risk Manager - Civil Projects - UAE

Civil Engineer
25 Jun 2012
25 Jul 2012
OTJ 2012 UAE
Civil Engineer
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Full Time
Position Risk Manager Role : The main purpose of this role is to develop and implement sound risk management practices in order to support projects in securing their clientrsquo;s objectives. Key duties include; Implementing risk management for both [1] internal risks to the client business, and [2] individual projects. 1) INTERNAL RISKS Maintain the client internal Risk Register for each project. Call and facilitate monthly meetings with senior members of the program team to update the client#39;s risk register. Monitor and report on the key performance indicators. Report monthly on the client#39;s risks and the progress made on implementing the response actions. Recommend those risks that should be elevated to the Project Executive. Maintain the Business Continuity Plan and associated action plans. Test the Plan on a six monthly basis. 2) PROJECT RISKS Procedures Update the Risk Management Plan as and when required to reflect both the progress of the project and the increasing maturity of the risk management practices (reflecting good practice as described in ISO 31000). Update the Risk Breakdown Structure as required and compare the Structure against the Risk Register to assess any gaps in the Register. Be conversant with the project objectives, the prioritized objectives, the stakeholders (and their ability to influence outcomes), the project scope, the team structure, document control and the management systems. Support the development of the maturity of risk management practices. Ensure that risk management adds value to the project through pro active risk response planning. Qualitative and Quantitative analysis Carry out context analysis so that the background of a project is understood prior to embarking on the facilitation of risk meetings/workshops. Actively drive risk response planning. On a regular basis update with the project team specific discrete responses for the top ten risks together with action dates and degree of success Carry out quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis using the software tools @RISK (Palisade Corporation) and Pertmaster (Oracle) respectively and report the findings on a monthly basis. Ensure the results are sense checked prior to release. Where possible internalize risk management by assigning Precinct/Design/Package Managers to chair their own risk meetings and maintain their registers. Support the steps in the package tender process in terms of advising on documents to be issued as part of the tender invitation and evaluation of returns. Comment on the proposed procurement route and choice of contracts based on the clientrsquo;s risk appetite and the prioritized objectives. Insurances Check that the appropriate program insurances are in place if required Contractor performance presents a major risk to projects. Consult regularly with the Construction Management and Quality disciplines on the performance of the package contractors (specifically in terms of progress and compliance with the design, specifications and environmental approvals) and update the Risk Register accordingly. Agree and record risk responses as appropriate. Change Management Changes to the scope present a major risk to projects. Ensure that proposed changes are evaluated in terms of the risks they present to securing the program objectives. Hazard Analysis.